About the Lifestylist®

Life, Style, Form and Function are the principles that Lifestylist® Design was built around. Internationally acclaimed Lifestylist Suzanne Felber is the creator of the Lifestylist® Design philosophy and is known for her sense of style and ability to transform any space. She enjoys the creative challenge of working with tight budgets and has recently been designing homes for Factory Built Housing giant Patriot Homes, apartment living for Riedman Development in Upstate NY and desert dwellings for Canoa Homes in Tucson, AZ.

The Lifestylist® Design principle is built around the foundation that “It’s all about You”. Your home should reflect your lifestyle, your passions, and your family – not that of the designer or builder. This is the place to learn about the latest trends, and to find ideas to help you develop your inner stylist. We travel near and far to bring you the latest ideas and inspirations for you and your home.

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