Welcome to the New Neighborhood

  • By lifestylist
  • 3 September, 2012
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Happy Labor Day weekend! I was checking in with my kids and grandkids, and loved the fact that both of my kids are really enjoying their homes and neighborhoods this weekend. I’m proud to say that both of them bought new homes in new communities, and the model homes really did make a difference in their decisions on which home to buy.

What really “sealed the deal” for them was the fact that they would be living in planned communities -my daughter lives on a golf course and my son lives on a lake. Security, schools, and the kids having lots of kids nearby to play with made all of the difference. My daughter-in-law was thrilled to have a couple move in across the street with a baby just a month older than theirs, and they are really enjoying play dates and taking the kids out for walks. My grandkids have made lifelong friendships with great kids in their neighborhood, and most weekends are spent having a block party where the adults all make a dish or grill and they hang out together in the guest home of the week.

Lifestylist® Design is all about Life Celebrating Style. Celebrating the attributes of the community is something that we excel at, and our clients appreciate the extra homework we do to make sure that the models to represent the lifestyles of the potential buyers.

When you are planning your next model home, look beyond the colors and be sure that the model will accurately tell your story and the story behind your community.

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